At Streamline Taxis, we ensure that the journey of elderly and disabled people is easier with our fleet of accessible wheelchair taxi

wheelchair taxi

Streamline understands the challenges faced by elderly and disabled people when they are managing their regular commute.

This is why we offer a range of wheelchair friendly vehicles which allow for a safe and comfy trip.

Whether you are need to get to the airport for your holiday or simply just need a taxi for the day, contact us today.

We are happy to be flexible to help you financially with your Personal Budget Scheme or by simply making direct payments on a journey by journey basis using cash, credit or debit card.

Our experienced drivers have the best hands on experience for assisting with people with a variety of disabilities, making sure that your wheelchair is safely secured before we set off.

At Streamline, we have a fantastic fleet of wheelchair capable vehicles.

All of our car are maintained to the highest possible standards to ensure the passengers safety and comfort.

Our wheelchair taxis have the capacity for up to 8 passengers which allows for easy wheelchair access on and off.

At Streamline, our main focus is to improve the transportation for the elderly and disabled passengers.

Whether you need to get to the airport, visit a hospital for an appointment or you are attending a wedding, we will offer you a comfortable and affordable journey to and from your destination

For more information about our wheelchair taxi hire, contact the team at Streamline today