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Cordic Interactive Voice Response Solutions

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Streamline Taxis now operate using the Cordic IVR taxis booking system, providing benefits to both drivers and passengers.


This system allows our regular customers to book taxis and check the progress of your taxi without having to wait to speak with one of our operators.


If you a a regular client of Streamline Taxis, your number is recognised, you will be offered an immediate repeat pickup service, which you can either accept or choose from a range of other options.


As a customer you can:

  • Enjoy the convenience and ease of an automated booking service facility with a high quality computerised voice
  • You can book repeat pickups with ease by the use of simple voice prompts and responses
  • Organise taxi pickups easily and safely from public taxi phones without push buttons and receive instant booking confirmation along with details of the car
  • You can check the status of your taxi booking as it travels to you
  • If the Interactive Voice Response is not convenient, at any point you can choose to speak to an operator during the call with just a voice prompt.


If you are a qualified and experience taxi driver and want to learn how the Cordic IVR system can help your business, please contact Streamline Taxis today


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  • Saved Our Holiday
    After we were let down by another taxi company (who didn't show for our airport pick up) Streamline couldn't have been better. they got to us in great time, helped with the bags into the car and got us to Prestwick Airport in plenty of time to catch our flight - thanks guys